Reiki Classes

Reiki Trainings

Reiki Practitioner Level I:

  • Introduction to Reiki
  • History of Reiki
  • Overview of the energy system
  • Level I attunement
  • Basic hand positions
  • Practice on fellow classmates
  • Certificate
  • Class manual

Cost: $180
Class time 5-6 hours; deposit needed of $50

Reiki Practitioner Level II:

  • Introduction to three Reiki symbols
  • Overview of the symbols and their uses
  • Level II attunement
  • Practice using each symbol in a treatment session
  • Certificate
  • Class time 7-8 hours
  • Prerequisite: Reiki Level I

Cost $250   *Min. deposit $50

Advanced Reiki Training (ART):

  • Introduction to another symbol
  • Training manual for ART
  • Introduction to using crystals with Reiki
  • ART attunements
  • Learn a technique for removing blocks or stuck energy
  • Advanced meditation for the practitioner
  • Certificate
  • Prerequisite: Reiki II and 6months of practice
  • Class time 8 hours

Cost $350  *Min. deposit $60

Reiki Master Training:  6 Month internship:

Study to become a Reiki Master and Teacher.  You will learn two more symbols, and learn how to give attunements of all levels.  You will attend my classes to practice, and attend Reiki exchanges and clinics.  You will also have the opportunity to sit in my sessions if the client allows. You must have strong knowledge of the symbols and be able to draw and explain them like second nature.  You will receive a master manual and certificate and have the opportunity to practice Reiki out of my new facility coming in January 2022.

Cost: $800 Payments will be monthly. 

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