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Healing Energy

Emotional Healing: It’s so hard to recognize the story let alone change it.. but if you don’t find the roots of what holds that story in place, what allows it to keep playing on repeat.. it will just keep going on and on.. different faces and places.. same outcomes. You will say, that’s not going to happen to me again, just for it to do exactly that..Just when you think you have it all changed and reconfigured.. you don’t.  You have to look even deeper. Be with yourself even more intensely. Break down more systems of faulty belief. Delete old trauma. Upload the new. The new programs that are the opposite of what you were running in the background. Even when you change the old behaviors, it’s not enough. Those are just outwards actions. You must change what created those behaviors in the first place. And it can’t be because you put your attention on something positive. It cannot be outside yourself. Nothing is going to rescue you.  Then the true self can be revealed. And all these old emotional programs and faulty beliefs can be extracted. And you will have to do this many, many times in your short human life. Many layers. Utilizing energy healing modalities can assist you with this process. Peeling back the layers, clearing chakras, and receiving healing energy can loosen up the foundation that is so in need of being rebuilt! I’m here if you want to work on it! I do distant healing session, and some in person. Click here to see the types of sessions I offer. One of my favorite theorists, Carl Jung, is one of the leaders to discovering how the subconscious runs the show. Click here to read more about him. Sending you all love, light and healing and peace!

Chakra Healing-Heart Chakra

heart chakra image

The Heart Chakra is the 4th of the seven chakras, and it is represented by the color green.  It involves the circulatory system, diaphragm, heart, lungs, arms, shoulders, ribs, breasts and thymus gland.

The heart chakra can be affected by situations that have emotionally stressful aspects, or as some say, “matters of the heart.”  Some examples are divorce, or separation of intimate relationships, loss of loved ones to death, or a betrayal of trust by another person.

The heart chakra is meant to give and receive love, but when it is out of balance, it cannot do its job effectively. One reason for being out of balance is trapped emotions.  When feelings get hurt over and over, or many losses occur, a person can build up a protective wall.  It is no longer desirable to open up to love for fear of betrayal, loss, grief, heartache, or loneliness.  A person can become defensive, and then the heart can be protected by a wall of energetic material along with trapped emotions in the energy field.

In the Emotion Code, Dr. Nelson calls this the heartwall.  Thankfully, the heartwall can be removed by Emotion Code therapy and Reiki.

The Heart Chakra-Effects

A person can actually feel emotional hurts in a physical way in the chest area.  The chest may feel heavy, tightness or pressure.  Many anxieties and fears are felt in the heart chakra area, even if they originate from another chakra. If the heart chakra is too open, a person could be ruled by their emotions.  There are many people out there who give way too much and receive very little.  They never take any love for themselves, or give themselves any self-love.  The opposite end of the spectrum is a closed heart chakra.  The hear is in total protective, defensive mode and will not give or receive love.  It is now just like a castle with a very large moat around it with no bridge or any access to enter it.  Creating a balance in the heart chakra is ideal! The key to balancing the heart chakra is first giving self-love. Without loving yourself first, giving and receiving any other love is hard to achieve.

Heart Chakra Healing

Here are some ways to balance and heal the heart chakra: There are many techniques that I enjoy utilizing to balance the heart chakra.  Contacting me for an Emotion code or a Reiki session for heart chakra healing would be very effective.  Here are some things to do in the meantime on your own:  Mirror work by Louise Hay.   Louise tells us to talk to ourselves in the mirror daily and tell yourself “I love you” and other positive things like “you are magnificent.”  Even if it feels strange at first, just give it some time.  Also Chakra toning is an effective way to help heal the heart chakra.  Allowing your voice to make the AH sound for as long as your breath allows, then repeating it a few times until the heart chakra area feels lighter and more clear.  Also, asking angels for help is really useful!  Archangel Raphael is always there to assist in healing the heart if you call upon him.