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Healing Energy

Emotional Healing: It’s so hard to recognize the story let alone change it.. but if you don’t find the roots of what holds that story in place, what allows it to keep playing on repeat.. it will just keep going on and on.. different faces and places.. same outcomes. You will say, that’s not going to happen to me again, just for it to do exactly that..Just when you think you have it all changed and reconfigured.. you don’t.  You have to look even deeper. Be with yourself even more intensely. Break down more systems of faulty belief. Delete old trauma. Upload the new. The new programs that are the opposite of what you were running in the background. Even when you change the old behaviors, it’s not enough. Those are just outwards actions. You must change what created those behaviors in the first place. And it can’t be because you put your attention on something positive. It cannot be outside yourself. Nothing is going to rescue you.  Then the true self can be revealed. And all these old emotional programs and faulty beliefs can be extracted. And you will have to do this many, many times in your short human life. Many layers. Utilizing energy healing modalities can assist you with this process. Peeling back the layers, clearing chakras, and receiving healing energy can loosen up the foundation that is so in need of being rebuilt! I’m here if you want to work on it! I do distant healing session, and some in person. Click here to see the types of sessions I offer. One of my favorite theorists, Carl Jung, is one of the leaders to discovering how the subconscious runs the show. Click here to read more about him. Sending you all love, light and healing and peace!