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Chakra Healing-Solar Plexus Chakra


The third chakra is the solar plexus chakra, which is located from the naval up through the stomach area.  The color that represents this chakra is yellow.  When this chakra is in balance, self-esteem will be present along with confidence and self-worth.T

Also, there will be a respect for others, joyfulness, emotional fulfillment, and a feeling of warmth and comfort.  A person with a balanced third chakra will be socially adept and be able to take healthy risks and try new things.  This person would also be a leader, energetic, and intune with their intuition.

Solar Plexus Chakra-Effects

When this chakra is overactive a person can be judgmental, critical, and easily find fault in others.  He/she can also be demanding and have an extreme range of emotions that are not very stable.    An overactive solar plexus chakra can result in perfectionism and being very rigid or stubborn; not wanting to see things any other way.  The over active third chakra can be a strain on interpersonal relationships.  When someone is critical and unable to compromise it is hard to maintain healthy friendships or intimate relationships which require agreement, and allowing others to enter into your personal space.

When this chakra is underactive, one may become very worried about what other people think, and feel out of control of life.  This may also bring up feelings of fear and depression that could impact a person’s daily life.  He/she may have trouble getting things done, and be uncomfortable with change and new things.  He/she may also doubt and mistrust those around them.  A person with an underactive solar plexus chakra seems to go on auto pilot and avoid feelings and challenges.  He/she is afraid to move forward and just use avoidance to keep things the same way all the time.

Solar Plexus Chakra-Healing

A chakra healing can be very easily done.  Some basic ways to heal solar plexus chakra imbalances:  Positive affirmations could be used daily, for example, “I am totally comfortable expressing my feelings to others and I actively listen to them in return.”  Or, “I am letting go of judgment and choose to allow myself to see all sides to things.”  Some other ways to heal this chakra: getting a hobby, doing something creative to express yourself, lifting weights, being in the sunlight, wearing yellow objects or clothing and making choices from a place of love instead of fear.  Also, Reiki can help raise vibrations and usher negative energies out of the chakra.

To contact me for a Reiki session for chakra healing in person, or at a distance, click here.

Chakra Healing – Sacral

chakra healingThe second chakra is called the Sacral Chakra, and is located in the lower abdomen below the naval.  It has also been referred to as the womb chakra.  The sacral chakra is the center for creativity and sexuality, and is associated with the color orange.  This chakra affects the reproductive organs, intestines, lower vertebrae, pelvis, hips, and bladder.

Sacral chakra-Effects

Symptoms of weakness or lack of balance in this chakra: unresponsive emotionally, longer periods of grief, wallowing in misery and being ruled by emotions in general.  Inability to create or manifest what you desire in life, not creativity in the sense of art and music, but just creating what you want for this life: A good career, money, a healthy relationship, or a family. Inability to have fun or find things pleasurable is also typical of a weak sacral chakra.

Over activity in this chakra could include: selfishness, arrogance, overwhelm and a sense of being overburdened.   All of the above could be affected by issues with the sacral chakra.  Also some physical issue could occur: lower back pain, reproductive organ issues, or bladder problems.

In doing psychotherapy along with Reiki, I have noticed correlations with sacral chakra and behaviors and interpersonal problems: intimate relationships can often appear to be enmeshed and dependent; or the opposite often happens and one might be distant, cold and unable to connect to others.

This is usually in connection with how someone was raised. For example a person may come from a big, ethnic family where everyone was very close and had little boundaries.  When that person tries to have a relationship and family of his/her own, they may run into issues with healthy boundaries and dependency. The opposite also applies for parents that were cold and standoffish.  That makes it hard for someone to connect emotionally to have a successful intimate relationship.

In one of my sessions, I was performing Reiki on a woman and noticed that I focused much of the time on her sacral chakra.  I suggested some post-session healing for her sacral chakra and explained what that chakra entails.  We figured out that this woman had been hiding her true self and desire by denying her sexual orientation.  When issues like this come up during a Reiki session, I am then able to utilize psychotherapeutic techniques that assist in processing the new ideas or realizations that have surfaced.

Sacral chakra Healing

When the sacral chakra is balanced, one will experience healthy boundaries in relationships, will be in touch with true emotions, and will manifest desires and achieve goals.

Ways to balance the sacral chakra include yoga, eating healthy fruits and vegetables, exercise, and repeating affirmations.  Also, visualization of the chakra spinning clockwise and writing/journaling about emotions will be therapeutic to the sacral chakra.  Contact me for chakra healing sessions!

Chakra Healing – The Root Chakra

chakra healingWhat is a chakra? Well, the word itself means disk, or wheel and has a Sanskrit origin.  There are seven main chakras in the human body.  They begin at the base of the spine, and continue to the top of the head or crown.  Each major chakra is a center of spinning energy which may be spinning in different directions.

Each chakra is named after the area of the body that it covers: the root chakra, the sacral chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye chakra, and the crown chakra.

Each chakra can influence the organs of the body that are close in proximity, but also can influence the muscles, ligaments, and all other body parts within its energy field.  Chakras may also affect your psychological and spiritual health.  There are also colors associated with the chakras.  Light and color move through them and may change colors while spinning, but there are colors that typically correspond with each chakra.

In this blog post, I will be focusing on the first chakra, the root chakra.

The Root Chakra- Effects

It is said that red is the color of the root chakra, and it is located at the base of the spine.  The root chakra influences the hips, spine, legs, bones, adrenals, and could affect the kidneys and intestines as well.   This is the chakra that connects us to the Earth and its energies.  Early experiences in life are imprinted on this root chakra as well as past life memories.  If a person’s root chakra is closed, or under -active, he or she may not feel grounded or safe and may experience fearfulness, lack of confidence, issues with anxieties and phobias, or feel disconnected.  They may have a poor immune system, irritable bowel syndrome, or feel generally  sluggish. They may also have trouble with finances.

When the root chakra is overactive, a person could experience feelings of anger, aggression, or frustration.  They may depend on security from others, and may not deal well with change. They may have unhealthy habits, be very controlling, greedy, or even have an overactive sex drive.

Root Chakra Healing

Balancing the chakra is the goal!  When the root chakra is balanced, one will experience stability, security, healthy boundaries and confidence.  How do you heal the root chakra?

You can begin with walking around on the Earth, stomping on the ground, or even dancing to generate a connection to the Earth energy.  Kundalini Yoga is also a popular way to bring balance to the root chakra.  Also, some oils are used in connection with healing the root chakra: sandalwood, cedar, clove, and ginger Both ways are equally as powerful and effective.

Reiki has been known to bring balance to and promote chakra healing with comfort and ease.  Reiki removes negative energies from the root chakra that prevent it from being in total balance.   To take your root chakra healing to a deeper level  you could schedule a Reiki healing session with me in person , or at a distance.  Click here to schedule a chakra healing today!

The Benefits of Using Reiki in Conjunction with Psychotherapy

reiki pittsburghReiki is a subtle stress reducing and relaxation technique that can help people who are participating in psychotherapy.  During psychotherapy session, there is much dialogue and communication between the therapist and the client.  It involves much conscious thought and verbal depiction of the symptoms that the client is experiencing.

Reiki can help the client become more in touch with the physical body and how the emotions relate to the physical symptoms.  Bringing awareness to the connection of the mind and body and how one affects the other is a very important part of the healing process.

How Reiki Helps Destress

Reiki can assist in bringing up the symptoms that a client has been experiencing so that they may work on them in a calm, relaxed atmosphere. Reiki creates a peaceful space where a client will feel more comfortable talking about and dealing with traumas, or other uncomfortable experiences that have brought them to seek help in moving forward.

Reiki naturally puts a client in a state of mindfulness where it is easier to observe and assess thoughts.  In this state, a person can detach from thoughts and realize that they are not their thoughts.  The thoughts are a result of a conditioned way of thinking due to past events.

Reiki may help the person realize that current circumstances are different and that those thoughts are rooted in the past.  Reiki helps to put the body in a relaxed state, therefore when painful memories are recalled and emotions are brought to the surface, the client can more easily and effectively process through those emotions and release the energy surrounding those memories.

Reiki Assisting with Psychotherapy

Reiki is not a substitute for psychotherapy but it absolutely helps move the therapeutic process along more quickly and comfortably.  There are always emotion and physical sensations running through the body every minute of the day, and even during sleep.  Some people feel the need to detach or run away from these sensations due to feelings of shame, embarrassment, or fear.

Some people are experiencing anger, depression, or anxiety due to chronic physical pain, therefore they attempt to detach from the body as if it were an enemy.  Turning away from these symptoms only intensifies them.  Reiki helps people to be present in the body and go with the symptoms from a loving, compassionate, kind, and peaceful way. Contact me today for a session!