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5 Requirements for Change

5 Requirements for Change: 

1. Willingness:

How willing are you, on a scale of 1-10, to feel uncomfortable feelings, to allow circumstances to adjust, to have people exit your life, to allow new people to enter, to expose your inner truths? 
This willingness must be a 10. This must happen first. 

2. Openness:

You must be open to receive, to receive in different ways, to be open to new ideas and let go of old limiting beliefs, to be open to feeling. Open, honest, truthful, and vulnerable. 

3. Drop Expectations:

Dropping expectations of how you think things “should “look. How they will happen/the specifics about the situation. Expectations of what your life plan “should “look like, of who your partner “should “ be, and how that all “should” arrive. 
These are illusions of control that create resistance and suffering. Also, making it impossible to be open and willing.

4. Learn to Be, instead of Do/Get/Earn:

Experiencing being, instead of constantly doing the next thing. Constant doing prevents/blocks receptivity and openness. It emphasizes control. There is a myth of the more you do the more you learn, thereby and titling you to deserve “good “things or getting what you desire.
This is a falsity.
Be still and know that more doing won’t earn you a partner, abundance, a spot in heaven, love, or worth.

5. Find God/Find self:

To find God, you must look within. Find your true self. Uncover it by pulling back the layers that are covering it up. If you can’t connect with your core true self, it will be hard to connect to and to feel God.
In order to do this, number 1 through four are required. 

These are 5 requirements for change to consider if you are feeling stuck!

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